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Mini Submarine Dive Adventure

Join us on an aquatic escapade, reminiscent of James Bond's adventures! Delight in the excitement of steering a genuine Mini Submarine, expertly designed by professional divers to deliver an ease and safe experience.

Commence your journey at an exclusive Beach Resort, where a bilingual Guide eagerly awaits to deliver a thorough safety briefing and operational guidance.

Plunge into the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean under the expert supervision of a professional Dive Master. Discover captivating sea life, enchanting coral formations, and the fascinating realm of the "inner space."

Forge enduring memories as you pilot your personal submarine, all without the necessity of scuba diving experience or certification!

After concluding your underwater adventure, extend your stay to relish the Resort's amenities.

Unwind on beach lounge chairs, luxuriate in the refreshing pool, pamper yourself with massages, or savor the offerings at the bar & restaurant (additional costs apply; expenses at the bar/restaurant are at your own expense) for a post-adventure retreat tailored to your preferences.

Don't hesitate to take home memories of an adventure of a lifetime and book now, as the spaces are limited!

What Is Included?

  • Professional bilingual Dive Master
  • Safety and operational directions
  • Use of personal Mini Submarine
  • Access to the Hotel Cozumel & Resort (Wyndham)
  • Use of the resort facilities such as beach area, beach lounge chairs (subject to availability), showers, restrooms and the largest swimming pool in Cozumel.


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