Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cancellation Policy for Cozumel Fun Excursions?

All our bookings can be modified or cancelled up to 24 hours before any tour departure time without penalty (a full refund applies for cancellations). All sales are final (no refund partial or total) within the 24 hours before any tour starting time.

How far away is the Cozumel Fun Excursions location from my cruise port / hotel / ferry terminal and how much the taxi service costs?

Cozumel has three cruise ports. We are strategically located at The Royal Village Shopping Center (Local PH41), which is a 5 minutes walk from the two main cruise ports in Cozumel (Puerta Maya Terminal and International SSA-Mexico Terminal) and about 10 minutes away from the third one (Punta Langosta Terminal) and the downtown ferry pier. The approximate cost of the taxi is $12.00 US for up to 4 Passengers each way.

Can I make a reservation and pay upon my arrival?

You may place any booking with Cozumel Fun Excursions by paying a 50% deposit to guarantee your spaces or you may pay in full at the time of placing the booking. The remaining balance can be paid in cash or with any major credit card upon arrival or through a charge to your credit card before the tour date (kindly ask to our Staff for this service to receive the directions on hot to place the payment). U.S. Dollars and Mexican Pesos are widely accepted.

Will I receive a receipt or confirmation which guarantees my reservation for the tours offered by Cozumel Fun Excursions?

Absolutely! Each one of our bookings is guaranteed with an e-ticket issued by our system and which is automatically e-mailed to you. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to be received or it may go to your spam folder, but you'll received it for sure!

Do I need to bring cash for my tour?

We always recommend you to bring additional money for any goodies, photos or additional services not included in your tour ticket.

How do I find the meeting location for any of the tours offered by Cozumel Fun Excursions?

You'll receive detailed meeting directions with your automatic booking confirmation and also in your e-ticket. Also, you may find that information in the tab "Meeting Directions" at our any of our Tour Descriptions.

Do you offer pick up service at cruise ports / hotels / ferry terminal?

Unfortunately, due to the transportation law of Cozumel, we are unable to provide any transportation to/from any of our locations. However, following our Meeting Directions is really easy and we are only a few minutes away from any cruise port, hotel or the ferry pier in Cozumel!

Is there a shuttle or transportation service on the island recommended by Cozumel Fun Excursions?

While there’s no shuttle service available in Cozumel, the Taxi Union is the only one authorized to provide transportation. All the taxis in Cozumel are safe and reliable, we only suggest you to write down the number of the taxi if you forget anything behind.

How do I get to the Meeting Points of Cozumel Fun Excursions Tours if there's no pick up service?

If your meeting point is our main office, you can safely walk from Puerta Maya Terminal and International SSA-Mexico Terminal or take a taxi from Punta Langosta Termina. If you are to meet us at the Mayan Extreme Pak, you must take a taxi to be taken to our park.

Are there taxis available at The Royal Village Shopping Center or the Mayan Extreme Park?

Yes, we have taxis available at all times to make sure you'll be returning safely.

Is the return to my cruise ship guaranteed?

All our tour times have been carefully tailored to match the cruise ship times in port to make sure all our Guests will be back on time. We proudly serve hundreds of Guests each week and we've never left someone behind!

Is my tour based on Cruise Ship or Cozumel Time?

All our tours are based on LOCAL TIME (Cozumel Time).

What happens if the weather is bad?

For Cozumel Fun Excursions, the safety of each one of our Participants is paramount. If the weather conditions do not allow us to safely operate any of the tours, you’ll be first offered a later starting time or another date if you are staying in the area for a few days. If this is not an option for you (mainly cruise ship passengers), don’t worry, you’ll receive a full refund on your payment.

What happens if my cruise ship arrives late, changes her arrival date or misses the port?

At Cozumel Fun Excursions, we are closely monitoring each cruise ship arrival in Cozumel and if by any reason your cruise ship arrives late or changes her run, we'll adjust your Tour starting time to the next time/date available; of course always looking after you being back on time. If your cruise ship completely misses the port, or we are unable to reschedule you to the new time /date in port, rest assured you'll receive a full refund.

Why do you need the name of my cruise ship, hotel or where I'm coming from when placing a booking?

As mentioned before, we closely monitor each cruise ship arrival in Cozumel, in order to know if they arrive on time, change their run, etc; so we can re-schedule our reservations if needed. We kindly ask you to include the specific name of your cruise ship, as each cruise line owns several ships and very often there is more than one vessel of the same cruise line line in port on the same day.

What do I need to bring for my tour?

We recommend you to bring comfortable clothing/shoes, swimming wear, sunglasses, hat/cap, towel y a BIG SMILE!

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