Dune Buggy Tour & Snorkel at Punta Sur

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This fun tour will get you to know the highlights of the island, first you will be getting your dune Buggy (stick shift), the dune buggy is for four passengers, you will be driving south along the mexican caribbean, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cozumel, sightseeing is a must in this adventure, when arriving to punta sur ecological reserve, you will witness the natural wonders of this one-of-a-kind-breathtaking área.

You will be amazed by the original mayan building known as “seashell thomb” (la tumba del caracol), across from there, you will enjoy the “Colombia lagoon”, home of the yellow crocodile, and over 50 different kind of bird species, punta sur also offers a 1934 original french design lighthouse known as “faro de celarain”, of course being in Cozumel has mandatory a visit to the most impressive and most beautiful beach área in the island, and of course, knowing that Cozumel has the second largest and most important colorful coral reef barriers in the world, this is a must visit while here, and guess what, punta sur has it all, the snorkeling there is spectacular, one of a kind, of course, our tour guides gives the plus to make this adventure unforgettable, give it a try, after the visit to punta sur, you will be guided to a along the east coast of Cozumel, or what the locals call “the other side” (el otro lado, to a local familly owned restaurant to enjoy the taste of our land, get ready for authentic mexican food, try our mexican chicken fajitas with the flavor of mexico, then you will be taken to a “city tour”, see how the locals live, see how mexico truly is, then, last but not least, you will have the chance to experience the drink of mexico, heritage of the humanity, “tequila”, but any kind of tequila, organic tequila, family made, different flavors, get samples, enjoy this drink.

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